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Information about Medtronic's Clinical Trial Registry website

Welcome to Medtronic's Clinical Trial Registry website. This site contains information about clinical studies that are sponsored by Medtronic, Inc. and registered on

If you or your physician have questions regarding a particular study that is currently enrolling subjects, please see the "contact information" listed within the description of each specific study. This information is not intended to replace the advice of your health care practitioner. Only your physician, in consultation with you, can diagnose your condition and decide whether a particular therapy is appropriate for you. We urge you to contact your physician if you have questions whether any therapy identified on this site may be appropriate for you. Note that you will have to be evaluated by the study physician to determine whether you are eligible for a specific study.

If you have general questions regarding Medtronic or its therapies, don't hesitate to Contact Medtronic with any questions.

Many of the therapies listed on this site involve devices that currently are Investigational and not approved for use outside of the clinical study. The information contained in this site is not intended to promote or otherwise commercialize (directly or indirectly) unapproved devices or unapproved uses of approved Medtronic devices. Rather the information contained on this site is intended to increase the transparency of the clinical trials conducted by Medtronic as set forth in our Clinical Trial Principles.

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